My biggest problem is, and always has been: money. Money-problems are the worst and I find that worrying about my finances overshadows every other aspect of my life.

As long as I can remember, I have been worried about finances. Even growing up, at our house, I remember that my mother and father were always having discussions about money. My father was a carpenter and worked in construction and my mother had a part-time job at a firm of accountants, so I suppose we were on one-and-a-half modest incomes.

For whatever reason, my parents were always a bit mysterious about money and they never really shared any details with me regarding their income or bills that needed to be paid. At some stage, they would give me a weekly or monthly allowance but I don’t remember them ever sitting me down and explaining to me how best to use it.

This may have resulted in me not being able to stick to any budget whatsoever. No matter how much money I make per month, I will literally always spend a bit more. Having said that, I do not tend to go completely overboard so as far overspending goes, I suppose I am a in the “light” category.

Now, I am mature enough not to blame others for my own shortcomings, which admittedly I have done for years. I am sure that my parents did the best they could, with the knowledge that they had and the means at their disposal.

I realise that moving forward, this has to change which is why a few days ago, I have started entering all my daily spendings into an Excel sheet. I hope that this will give me a clear understanding of my (over) spending habits, although to be honest, I have a pretty good idea what the problem areas are (ie. dining out, take-away, cocktails…)

Even though this is a bit boring and tedious and feels like somewhat of a childish solution, I do feel that it is motivating me to try and stay below a daily limit that I have set. If I go over the limit, I realise that I should spend a bit less the next day and if I manage to stay under the limit, I will have a bit more to spend the next day.

Now, I am only in the warm-up phase and I plan to fully kick-off my New Year’s resolution of ridding myself of financial worries on 1 January. I have only been going for 6 days and in those six days, I have managed to stay within budget on 4 days and gone over budget on two days, so results are moderately positive so far.

I am dreaming of a future without financial worries and I am hoping that I am making steps in the right direction. Even though they are only small steps.

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