New Year’s Resolutions

It’s the first week of January and the new year has started, which means that, like a lot of people, my mind is preoccupied with New Year’s Resolutions. This year, I have a few big ones and I thought it would a good idea to write them down, so that I can read it back later and hopefully feel good about myself for achieving all of my goals…

Stop drinking alcohol

As I mentioned before, I have a habit of drinking too much and part of me really wants to stop. It seems that the older I get, the earlier the point of memory-loss comes. I tend to completely let loose when I drink and I cannot tell you the amount of times that people have shown me embarrassing videos of myself, wearing a dress on some rooftop party for instance, dancing to “All the Single Ladies”.

I may or may not have inherited this habit from my father, who has been drinking too much for as long as I can remember. At 69, he is still in denial and even though he has severe heart problems and is not supposed to drink; with every coca cola that he pours, I catch him adding a splash of rum…

Another part of me though, likes to have a drink and get a bit tipsy. I am naturally a bit awkward and insecure and as with many people, drinking alcohol brings out a more easy-going side of me. The problem is that I don’t know when to stop and at this point I feel like I would rather try to give up drinking altogether.

After waking up with the hangover from a drunken night in Amsterdam, a few weeks ago, I already decided to give up and I have now not drunk any alcohol for 22 days.

Take control of my financial situation

As I already mentioned in my post Money, one of my biggest problems is my financial situation. When it comes to money, I am in complete denial; I am the type of person that has 10 euros, and manages to spend 20 on margaritas. I have been struggling with this issue for as long as I can remember and it is high time that I get it under control once and for all so that I can stop thinking about it.

I have set myself a daily budget and I have started writing down everything that I spend so that I become more aware. I have started doing this about a week before the end of the year and I have managed to stick to my budget about as many days as I have gone over. In my defence though, I have mostly overspent on the holidays, ie gifts, food etcetera so hopefully now that the holidays are over, it will be easier for me to stay within budget.

I have a huge student debt which I have been hiding from for years, but recently it has caught up with me. I don’t think I will ever be able to pay it off completely, but it is time to stop hiding and start making some sort of arrangement to start making monthly payments…

Get in better shape

I am naturally quite athletic, but I have gained some weight from eating take-away and drinking too much alcohol. Nothing major, but enough to make me dislike the sight of my own body. People would generally still describe me as thin and don’t really understand what I am worried about, but whenever I am naked and I look at myself in the mirror, it makes me a bit sad.

As I am now 41 years old, I figure that I can probably still turn things around, which is why a few weeks ago, I have started running. I have always liked running, but I have overdone it in the past which has caused some knee and ankle problems. This time, I have started very slowly every other day and I am building up gradually and so far, it is going quite well. I am considering participating in a half marathon that is taking place at the end of April but I won’t apply until the last minute, depending on the shape I will be in around that time.

Write more

I always claim that I like to write and to an extent I do, it’s just that my laziness gets in the way. As with most things in my life (exercising, cleaning, work, social commitments etc), the main issue is getting started. Once I manage to get myself off the sofa, away from whatever television show and I get in the flow of things, I usually enjoy whatever I am doing. I am afraid that it will always be a challenge, though…

My writing definitely needs a lot of work, as I have never had any sort of training. I do feel that I have an affinity with words and I have a lot of experiences to share, so in theory, this blog should be a great platform to practise and hopefully improve.

Be less agitated

I get agitated. Easily. I have very little patience with people that are slow to understand things or people who keep asking the same questions.

Also, I get very irritated if people knowingly or unknowingly interfere with my plans. If I have a certain planning in my head and someone asks me to do something which disrupts my schedule, I get very frustrated. I tend to keep the frustration inside though, which ultimately makes things even worse.

My final New Year’s Resolution therefore is to be more flexible, have more patience and listen more to others.

Wish me luck.

I will keep you updated.

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