About me

What if you are 40 (or 41 in my case) and you realise that you have just made a bit of a mess of your life? What do you do? I couldn’t be the only person in this situation, could I?

To get control of the situation, I suppose I will need to analyse each facet of my life individually, to determine where the problems lie.

My name is Marcel, I am 41 years old and I have a middle management job at a luxury hotel on the beach. I have perpetual money-problems and a student debt that is so high that it has made me fled my home country. I am lazy and I have an addictive personality with a habit to drink to the point of not remembering exactly how I got home, the following day.

On the other hand: I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world, I mostly enjoy my job, I have a partner who is not only honest and loving, but also patient and funny. I have an affordable apartment in a great location, and the cutest dog in the world (pictures to follow).

I feel motivated to turn things around once and for all. It’s a new me. Version umpteen.

Through this blog, I hope to find answers to at least some of my questions. I intend to share my thoughts and experiences, which will hopefully be cathartic, and look forward to reading the stories of others in similar or different situations.

In hindsight, I am thinking that I should have thought through my domain name a bit more. Although “Am I a failure?” is a question I regularly ask myself, it might give a bit of a heavier impression than I intended. And even though the domain is paid for a year in advance, my first instinct would be to just stop using it and spend money on a new one. ‘The New Me’ though, will make the sensible decision and just stick with it for now until I figure myself out.I have been debating whether to write in my native language, which is Dutch, but as I have cut most ties with the Netherlands, I have decided to write in English for now… If it is bad, please feel free to let me know!